NAPNAP Members Share Their Advocacy Stories

Tips for policy activity
Submitted by: Natalie V. • From: Iowa

Know your subject matter.  In the same breath, I would also suggest never talking about something you aren’t sure about - be honest and say “I don’t know, but I’ll get you that answer”.Know who you are talking to (background of the legislative person you are speaking to).  This helps to tie in your topic with their personal life. For example - if they have grandchildren and you are trying to talk about the importance of passing legislation making it law for every child in Iowa, below the age of 18, to wear helmets when on a motorized scooter/ATV- you could tie in the thought of their grandchild’s life being at risk if they don’t wear helmets.The legislator is a person just like you are, and they aren’t able to know everything so make it known that you are available to help and provide needed knowledge in areas of your expertise (i.e. children’s health policy/education, nursing,  etc). Follow-up!  Always send a thank you letter after meeting with your representative or their staff because it puts your name and profession in their mind one last time.Try to stay abreast of important topics by , for instance PNP News Daily, keeping an eye on legislative information.