Advocacy Scholars Program

For more than a decade, NAPNAP has been fostering policy leadership skills for pediatric-focused APRNs through our Advocacy Scholars Program. Participating in the program allows our scholars to better understand the legislative process, develop advanced practice nursing and child health policy advocacy skills, apply these new skills when visiting members of Congress and translate these skills into their professional lives to benefit practices and patients. Although the program is conducted at the federal level, newly acquired skills and knowledge are transferable to scholars’ advocacy efforts at the state and local levels.

We offer financial support for up to six chapter legislative chairs or members to attend a national health policy conference and Capitol Hill Day to be hosted Feb 4-6, 2018. More info available Sept. 25.

Becoming an Advocacy Scholar

Question: Who is eligible to apply?

Answer: We encourage current NAPNAP members, including students, to apply. Preference is given to members already working with chapter or national health policy committees.

Question: How can I apply?

Answer: Beginning Sept. 25, you can apply online. The application requires:

  • statements about your professional and advocacy experience
  • a statement explaining how you plan to apply your newly acquired advocacy skills and Hill visit experience to make a difference in child health or NP professional advocacy at the state or national level
  • curriculum vitae (CV) or resume listing your education background, involvement in professional organization(s) and any legislative, advocacy or health policy experience

Note: The online application allows you to create a user account so you can log on multiple times to update your application before the deadline. Use the same link on subsequent visits.

Question: When is the deadline to apply?

Answer: The deadline is Oct. 22, 2017.

Question: What is included in the award?

Answer: Each selected scholar will receive a financial award to assist with the national health policy conference registration, transportation and related travel costs. In addition, we recognize recipients as Advocacy Scholars on our website and in Inside the Beltway.

Question: If I am selected, what am I required to do?

Answer: You are required to attend the national policy conference and Capitol Hill Day in Washington, D.C. After the event, we request scholars utilize their skills and/or share their knowledge with other NAPNAP members and report back to For example:

  • write an article for the Inside the Beltway or website
  • actively participate in the Child Health Advocacy Learning Collaborative, perhaps leading a conversation
  • present at a chapter meeting or educational conference
  • assist the chapter legislative chair with grass roots advocacy at state or local level


NOTE: Former Advocacy Scholars Program or NIWI scholarship winners are not eligible to apply.