For Providers

Access NAPNAP Members for Research


We understand that our members and other healthcare providers rely on the expert opinions and experience our members can offer to improve the quality of available research data. We limit access to our full membership to research proposals designed by experienced investigators only and vetted by our Research Committee. Experienced investigators can begin the request process by submitting a Research Access Request Form and applicable fee.

All NAPNAP student member research requests require a faculty mentor or experienced researcher to be on the investigative team. Biographical information (NIH-type biosketch) on the faculty mentor must also be included in the application. Only well-designed research, quality improvement or evidence-based projects will be considered for email distribution to the student’s chapter upon review and approval by NAPNAP’s Research Committee and the current chapter president. Student members may not request access to our full membership. Students cannot engage the NAPNAP full membership by listing their faculty advisor as the Principal Investigator. In only rare cases and dependent on the research topic and quality and rigor of the research design will a student be given access to the NAPNAP full membership list. The Research Committee suggests that student investigator review established guidelines for the conduct of Internet surveys and research, and that DNP students for their scholarly change project review the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) The Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice at Student investigators can begin the request process by submitting a Research Access Request Form and applicable fee.

Please do not circumvent the Research Committee review process by posting a message/link for your unapproved research survey project on a chapter or SIG e-community or Open Forum in TeamPeds: Member Network. NAPNAP reserves the right to remove any posts about research that have not been approved by the Research Committee.


Non-refundable review fees

  • NAPNAP member and student member: $50
  • Non-member: $100

Approved researchers are entitled to one NAPNAP generated email, with or without survey link, to the full NAPNAP membership to promote an approved research survey.  NAPNAP does not send out survey reminders. 

  • NAPNAP member: $500
  • Non-member individual: $650
  • Organization: $1,300

To learn more about connecting with our members for non-research matters, visit our Direct Access to Members page.


  1. Access to the NAPNAP membership or any subgroup for research purposes is generally reserved to only NAPNAP members for nursing-related research. Access may be permitted to non-members by special permission from the Research Chair.
  2. All research requests are reviewed by the NAPNAP Research Committee.
  3. NAPNAP may limit the number of research requests to NAPNAP members each quarter.
  4. The NAPNAP Research Access Request form must be submitted online.
  5. If approved, the researcher is required to share the results with NAPNAP's Research Committee after the data analysis is complete.
  6. The researcher must acknowledge the NAPNAP membership as a data source in any publications developed from the survey.
  7. All requests must include:
  • School/health care agency affiliation and department
  • Name of faculty advisor, if applicant is a student
  • Bio-sketch of the principal investigator
  • Proof of IRB approval which is required to process the application
  • Name of publication to which a manuscript will be sent
  • Timeline and anticipated date for blast email distribution
  • Description of how NAPNAP will be acknowledged in the final research summary
  • Abstract
  • Research protocol
  • Draft of email body copy or cover letter that will accompany the research survey link (advisor’s name and contact information must be included in the email for student member requests) Please note: emails cannot have attachments.
  • Rationale and evidence to support the reason for conducting the research, quality improvement or evidence-based project.
  • Sample of all surveys to be distributed, including proof of reliability and validity of surveys
  • Signed acknowledgement agreeing to the terms of the request
  • Signed faculty endorsement, if applicant is a student

If you have any questions, please contact Simone Daley at or 917-746-8295.