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2025 Industry-Sponsored Posters

NAPNAP is accepting abstracts for industry-sponsored posters for the 2025 National Conference, to be held in Chicago on March 10-13, 2025.

These abstracts and related posters depict the outcomes of research that has been sponsored by an industry partner. These posters are excluded from the competitive judging CE poster process. There is also a fee associated with submission and review of these abstracts. For more information, please contact Victoria Afolabi at [email protected] or 917-746-8295.

Identification of an Industry-Sponsored Abstract
Abstract should be clearly submitted as an “industry sponsored” abstract. If the principal investigator received some unrestricted support for a project, but maintained full control over the design, implementation, and analysis of a project, it is not “industry sponsored”. An example of this would be a NAPNAP Immunization grant sponsored project. If the researchers or presenters are employees of a pharmaceutical or related corporation, or the project was otherwise directed or solely funded by a corporation, the poster is considered to be industry-sponsored.


2025 National Conference Exhibitor rates: $450 exhibitor rate; $600 Non-exhibitor rate


  • Abstracts must be prepared per below format and submitted using the online application.
  • Abstracts will be accepted based on their scientific merit, relevance to practice, and general interest.
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval MUST be obtained and documented in the abstract (including name of organization where the IRB approval was granted.)
  • Abstracts should contain original data.
  • Posters should not be of a commercial or promotional nature.
  • Only one poster per study or protocol will be allowed for presentation regardless of the number of sites or investigators presenting in the study.
  • The posters will be displayed in the exhibit hall in an area separate than other posters and will be clearly identified as industry-sponsored.
  • The posters will be designated as industry-sponsored in the conference materials and signage.
  • At least one presenter must be onsite at the conference during the scheduled presentation time(s).
  • Sponsoring organization will be contacted for verification of sponsorship.

Format for Abstract Submission

  • Abstracts should be limited to 500 words maximum.
  • Submit authors’ name, credentials, institutional affiliation and city (this information should be written exactly as will be printed in brochure).
  • Body of abstract should include title, brief statement of purpose, methods, conclusions, clinical application(s), and details of IRB approval.
  • Sponsoring company should be identified.

Format for Poster Presentation

  • The poster board provided is 96″ width, 48″ height.
  • The title and authors’ name(s) should be clearly identified on poster.
  • Information included in the abstract should be included on the poster.
  • Industry support must be acknowledged on the poster.

Payment must be received in order for the abstract to be reviewed. Make checks payable to: National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP). Credit card will not be charged if poster is not accepted. NAPNAP is a 501(c)(6) non-profit professional association. Tax ID#23-7403934

Deadline: January 24, 2025

Submit your application today!


If the poster/research study has been previously presented or published at another event or in a publication, a disclaimer needs to be added to the poster identifying where and when it was previously presented and/or published.

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