2020 Industry Sponsored Ancillary Events

Ancillary Meal Events       

These highly popular breakfast, lunch or dinner events provide you the opportunity to share information in a more social setting. There are two options:

  • Continuing Education (CE) Ancillary Symposia — provides an opportunity for registrants to obtain high quality, evidence-based, current information on a pediatric health topic and must offer NAPNAP continuing education contact hours.
  • Non-Continuing Education (Non-CE) Product Theaters — offers registrants information on specific products and/or therapeutic areas provided by company-designated presenters. Material may be promotional and may concentrate on a specific product or drug.

CE Symposia and Non-CE Product Theaters cost $22,500 and do not include fees for food, beverage and audio visual 

Non-CE Exhibit Hall Product Showcases

Need more time to connect with attendees on a particular topic? Consider hosting a 30-minute product showcase in our Exhibit Hall for demonstrations or informational sessions that focus on specific products, services, opportunities or therapeutic areas. Your company-designated presenter can present and respond to audience questions during these non-continuing education sessions.

Non-CE Exhibit Hall Product Showcases include a 30-minute session, screen/projector, laptop and pre-set seating for 60 attendees. Cost for a Non-CE product showcase is $13,500. Any additional audiovisual equipment or services are an additional cost. 

Guidelines and Applications

Find additional information and dates for all of these events in the NAPNAP Industry Sponsored Ancillary Events Guidelines

Download the Ancillary CE Symposium ApplicationNon-CE Product Theater Application or Non-CE Exhibit Hall Product Showcase Application to save your space today!

If you have any questions, please contact Heather Keesing at or 917-565-4660.