Awards, Grants, and Scholarships

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To recognize those individuals and organizations that promote children's health and PNP practice, NAPNAP offers a number of awards.

NAPNAP Foundation supports education and practice through a number of grant and scholarship programs.  For more information on grants and scholarships, go to

While the process for determining awardees varies, guidance for the all of these programs is provided by the NAPNAP Awards Development Committee.  This committee reviews procedures related to NAPNAP awards; reviews new award proposals and recommends accepting or rejecting the proposal to the Executive Board; monitors/oversees NAPNAP's awards selection policies and procedures; and recommends members to serve on specific award, selection panels. 

Following is a listing of the current awards NAPNAP offers.  Most are recognized annually.  Details and access to the application/nomination forms for several of these programs is available by clicking through the links provided:

Click here to see a list of those who received NAPNAP awards at the 2014 NAPNAP Annual Conference in Boston.

Awards, Grants, and Scholarships

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  • NAPNAP General Awards

  • NAPNAP Advocacy Awards

  • NAPNAP Special Interest Group (SIG) Awards

  • NAPNAP Chapter Awards

  • Other Recognitions Acknowledged at NAPNAP Annual Conference

  • Foundation Grants and Scholarships