NAPNAP PNP Book Corner 

The PNP Book Corner offers the opportunity for individuals (including NAPNAP members), partner organizations, or publishers to submit pediatric textbooks that they have authored/edited. The book is then reviewed by a NAPNAP member expert and posted on the NAPNAP website along with a link to the ordering information. The target audience for books must be nurses and/or advanced practice nurses (APNs) who provide health care to children and families, with a content focus on pediatric/child health.

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The Children's Book Corner offers the opportunity for individuals, partner organizations, or publishers to submit children’s books that address children’s health care issues.  


Pediatric Case Studies to Develop Diagnostic Reasoning

Julee Waldrop, DNP, PNP, FNP, PMHS, FAANP

Pediatric Case Studies to Develop Diagnostic Reasoning uses pediatric clinical scenarios and a systematic approach to help students in the health professions develop their diagnostic reasoning skills. In the first chapter of this book you will find an explanation of this systematic approach that can be applied to any clinical situation. If you are a teacher using this book with your students you will see that in many instances by changing things in the History or Physical or Test Results sections, you could take the case in an entirely new direction and focus on a different diagnosis, providing a whole new learning opportunity for your students. For more information click here.




Child Behavioral Assessment and Management: Theory & Practice.

A New Book for Professionals

William B. Carey, MD & Sean C. McDevitt, PhD

This book, written by two clinicians who have worked for many years in primary care, suggests that health care professionals should view children's behavior as a spectrum where normal conflicts shade into problems and then disordered behavior, rather than making a categorical judgment about whether symptoms being presented by the caregiver are severe enough to diagnose and treat as an abnormal condition.  For more information click here




Advanced Pediatric Assessment


Advanced Pediatric Assessment,  Ellen M. Chiocca, RNC, MSN, CPNP

This textbook provides a detailed and comprehensive approach to obtaining the history and physical examination of children, birth through adolescence. The textbook approaches the health assessment of the pediatric client by using a body systems framework in the context of developmental and cultural aspects of child assessment. In addition to physical assessment, emphasis is placed on the child’s psychosocial health, with chapters on communication, family assessment, mental health assessment and assessment of abuse and neglect. Health maintenance and wellness is also emphasized, with separate chapters on pediatric health supervision, nutrition and safety.

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Quick Reference to Child and Adolescent Forensics 
A Guide for Nurses and Other Health Care Professionals 
Muscari, Mary E. / Brown, Kathleen M.


Physical abuse can cause anything from minor injuries to permanent disabilities to death. Emotional trauma could result in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. Nurses and other health care professionals work with both victims and perpetrators, but have little education and resources for dealing with the everyday forensic issues of pediatric practice. This book is designed to serve as a quick resource for practicing emergency room nurses, pediatric critical care nurses, school nurses, nurse practitioners, and other health care providers. Student practitioners will also find the content helpful       and readily useable as a reference guide. 

To purchase this publication and/or receive a 20% discount on all Springer publications, visit the website at Springer Publishing 



 Core Curriculum for Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

by National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Association of Faculties of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners  

Written by expert pediatric nurse practitioners, this resource is a fully endorsed compendium of essential information. Using an easy-to-use outline format, it defines the parameters of the specialty by outlining the entire scope of PNP practice and covers everything in the Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (PNP) certification exams. For additional information or to purchase this publication, click here.  


Core Review for Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioners 



by National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Association of Faculties of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners 

This core review provides practice questions for recent graduates for both pediatric and family nurse practitioner programs to use in their respective certification exams offered by the PNCB and ANCC. For additional information or to purchase this publication, click here.