Advocacy Alliances


A key strategic goal of NAPNAP is to be actively involved in advocacy efforts aimed to promote optimal children's health and support the professional practice of advanced practice nurses who provide children's health care. NAPNAP is currently involved in the following advocacy efforts and alliances.



Speak Now for Kids

In the national health care debate, one thing is exceedingly clear: if you don't speak up you won't be heard. And there are no better voices for what children need in health care reform than those of the parents, family members, physicians, educators, advocates and others who care for them and about them.


NAPNAP has joined the National Association of Children’s Hospitals’ Speak Now for Kids in Health Reform campaign, along with more than 100 other allied organizations from around the country to provide those who care about children and health reform the opportunity to voice their concerns directly to Congress.


Please join us in this effort and take 3 minutes to go to and tell Congress that children’s health care is important to you. You’ll also have the option to add your personal story, upload photos or video testimonials on the aspect of health reform that you care about most. Whether it is access to care, coverage for all children, cost of insurance or co-pays or the quality of pediatric care – reach out and share your opinions. Engage your organization and your colleagues in the campaign, and ask them to do the same.


This is a nonpartisan effort, not aimed at supporting or opposing specific legislation, but at letting Congress know what matters most for America’s children as they continue down the road to health reform. The legislation being drafted right now will impact the way all Americans receive health care, yet will impact children in different ways than adults. America’s children are counting on the adults who care for them to be their voice in this debate and make sure their special health care needs are considered



Coalition for Patients' Rights


Consisting of of more than 35 organizations representing a variety of licensed health care professionals who provide a diverse array of safe, effective, and affordable health care services to millions of patients each year. CPR seeks to counter efforts by the AMA Scope of Practice initiative that is designed to limit patients’ choice of health practitioners. In the face of organized medicine’s latest divisive efforts to limit these professionals’ abilities to provide the care they are qualified to give, the CPR was formed for the sake of patients—to ensure that the growing needs of the American health system can be met and that patients everywhere have access to quality health care providers of their choice.


            Click here for the May 28, 2010 CPR News Release - Statement on Healthcare Truth
                                                                                                    & Transparency Act

            Broad Spectrum of Providers to Ease Primary Care Shortage Press Release - 7/20/10 

            CPR Release Cost Effectiveness.pdf - 3/9/11




The Nursing Community is a forum for professional nurainf and related organizations to collaborate on a wide spectrum of health care and nursing issues including practice, education and research.  Collectively, the Nursing Community represents over 850,000 registered nurses, advanced practice registered nurses, nurse executives, nursing students and nursing faculty.   





The Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative ( is a coalition of major employers, consumer groups, patient quality organizations, health plans, labor unions, hospitals, physicians and many others who have joined together to develop and advance the patient centered medical home. The Collaborative has well over 500 members. 



Stand for Quality in Health Care represents a diverse cross-section of health care organizations who are calling on the Obama Administration and Congress to support the performance measurement, reporting and improvement enterprise. Stand for Quality's recommendations - Building a Foundation for High Quality, Affordable Health Care: Linking Performance Measurement to Health Reform - are based on extensive input and dialogue from diverse stakeholders throughout the quality arena.



NAPNAP is also involved in a variety of strategic alliances with many nursing and health care organizations. To learn more about our other strategic alliances click here.